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Men didn't belong to wear skirts ?
« am: 16.01.2007 18:37 »
A neighbour who was moved out of our street asked me by mail, 'Are you the one who lived opposite before we left ?" I said that it is true. He had seen me in the TV report of the men's skirt from monday the 8th of January.

Read what he wrote me in his second mail to me. I have tried to translate it as well as I can. I hope the grammar will be as well too.

"What about the 'men's skirt', I am rather modern, but at this point I am conservative, men didn't belong to wear skirts. Men didn't wear a string (kind of underpant) too, while this could be very cool at theire ass. I don't understand why they want to call it a men's skirt. Okay everyone must wear what he wants to wear, but it is not my thing."

The next is what I have answered him now.

People call it 'men's skirt', because to show the difference, that they have designed men's skirt now. In every Postorder Catalogue most of the time when it is going about pants, they say that they are for 'women' or 'men', at that point of view.

The men's skirt will get its own shape, like the pants for women has got. The men's skirt will be designed on the men's bodyshape. Look at the pants for women, they have got another model then the men's one

What about the string (kind of underpant), these are sure in store. I won't wear them, because I think they didn't fit me with comfort. I like to feel something at my ass.

Now is my question to you, why didn't men belong to wear skirts ?

You can also say, why didn't women belong to wear pants ?

Then is the next question, why didn't women belong to wear pants ?

I think it doesn't matter if women wear skirts or pants. When they like it, I think it is okay. It is the same like men.

My question to you is now, why do you think men didn't belong to wear skirt ? I would like to get a honest motivation from you. I am very interested in it.

I agree with you, everyone must wear what he likes to wear.

I hope to hear soon as possible from you..


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