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New member
« am: 19.01.2019 18:53 »
Hi Everybody.  Sorry for being in English but my German is really bad.  I'm from the USA, Texas to be more exact.  I have lived in Germany since 2010.   I work for a small engineering firm here that had an office in the USA.   I am married and have the most beautiful and wonderful wife any man can ask for!  Maybe she is wonderful because she is German?   Anyway, I wear skirts and high heels about 80% of the time for about 2.5 years now   At work and on weekends mostly.  My wife is very supportive and while we don't go out that often with me in a skirt in our small town, she loves it when we can go into a bigger city with us both wearing skirts and high heels.  I have no problems with people looking at me thinking that I am strange.  But I have found out that most people do not care.  I have been in Stuttgart airport and train station many times, out shopping and other than some kids snicking and pointing that's about the only reaction I get.    In Nuremberg, I get the same response where ever I go.  Most people just do not care or even notice.   I think they may notice it more because I wear high heels.  If I was wearing just a skirt and men's shoes, I really do not think people would even look once.   Maybe most of you have already seen my pictures on Pinterest.  Thanks and again sorry about the Engish.  Mark

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Re: New member
« Antwort #1 am: 19.01.2019 19:30 »
Welcome, Mark, and thank you so much for your introduction. Best of all is to know that your wife is supportive about your skirt wearing.

In another thread it is for the moment discussed whether a pressure from society on people wearing skirts exists. You are wearing skirts at work and obviously without problems. And you are wearing skirts out and about in bigger German cities without being focused on, even when in heels. That seems to confirm what I think – and have experienced myself – a man can wear a skirt anywhere, anytime without being met with hostility. The only pressure, if there, will in most cases come from wives. But here you are lucky, not to have problems. But first of all, pressure might exist inside the head of the skirt wearer – and with no reason. Society doesn’t care at all what we are wearing. 

The language? I neither speak English nor German very well. But it doesn’t matter that much. You can be misunderstood in every language. 

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Re: New member
« Antwort #2 am: 19.01.2019 20:29 »
Cordially welcome, Mark!

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Wer das Leben ernst nimmt, muss auch über sich lachen können.

ACHTUNG! Ich verbiete ausdrücklich, Texte oder Bilder, die ich hier einstelle, ohne meine ausdrückliche Erlaubnis auf anderen Seiten zu kopieren!

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Re: New member
« Antwort #3 am: 19.01.2019 20:38 »
Hi Mark,

a warm welcome here in the club of skirt and dress wearing men. Enjoy the postings and pictures and get ideas for new looks and outfits. If you have questions, don‘ t hesitate to ask.

Best Regards

(wearing skirts, dresses, high heels and so on since five years.)
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Re: New member
« Antwort #4 am: 19.01.2019 23:31 »
Welcome Mark, you're fine here with English as most of us are pretty conversant around this forum.  Same experience here, wearing high heels or no shoes at all raises more public attention than just wearing skirts here in Austria as well, nothing serious. Continue enjoying your freedom from stereotypical male clothing, greetings from Carinthia, kalotto
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Re: New member
« Antwort #5 am: 20.01.2019 10:23 »

Welcome on this forum.
It's maked it not easer for me, to speak write English on a German board and that for a Dutchman. :'( :embarassed: ;D


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Re: New member
« Antwort #6 am: 20.01.2019 11:40 »
Hello Mark, welcome to our nice little forum  :)

I'm not very proficient in English, but fortunately there are translators on the internet.  ;)
I live in a small town near Stuttgart. Even my wife accepts my preference for skirts, in other cities, unfortunately less in the hometown.
As often as possible I wear skirts, I also take pictures and have a small gallery on Pinterest.

best regards
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Re: New member
« Antwort #7 am: 22.01.2019 10:56 »
Dann sollte ein ADMIN mal den halben Thread trennen und verlegen.
Ich emanzipiere mich, wer kommt mit?

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Re: New member
« Antwort #8 am: 24.01.2019 14:31 »
Hi Mark,
also a warm welcome from lower saxony.
That is in the north of Germany, just a little bit bigger than "Lubbok county". ;D
As you can see on the pic, I am a Kilt wearer.
But I have to agree, no one would care about what you are wearing, as far as you know what you are wearing.
whish you a lot of fun here!
I know, sometimes we are a bit weird and crazy.
But we are also unique in diversity.

Wer wegläuft, stirbt nur müde!

Ein Kilt ist Knielang und schließt nach Rechts. :-)

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Re: New member
« Antwort #9 am: 05.02.2019 12:03 »
Hallo liebe Rockträger,

nun ist es Zeit mich hier mal "Bekannt" zu machen. Ich lebe seit einiger Zeit im Allgäu und bin durch Zufall auf Eure Homepage gestossen. Auch mich fasziniert das Thema Männerrock. Deshalb gibt es für mich keinen Grund warum auch ein Mann keinen Rock tragen sollte.
Zwar ist es immer wieder verwunderlich, dass wenn ich im Internet in einem Suchfenster "Männerrock" eingebe, ich meistens auf Damenröcke stoße. Doch nichts desto trotz finde ich trotzdem immer mal wieder einen, der tatsächlich auch für Männer ist. Auch wenn es zäh ist, aber so langsam ziehen vielleicht die Kaufhäuser doch mal mit. Das wird aber nur dann geschehen, wenn diese einen Markt entdecken. Daher liebe Männer, Rock an und raus auf die Straße.

Ich wünsche Euch eine gute Zeit.
Bis dann


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